Transforming India – Role of the Youth in Countries transformation !

There is no second thought about the youth playing a greater role in taking India to the desirable growth trajectory. It’s the young India that will be the driving force behind the overall socio-economic development of the country.

However there were  reservations about the growing trends of rapid urbanization and it’s negative impacts on the society as a whole thereby impacting the current generation of young talents.

I was happy to see that perception changing after interacting with the very talented individuals last Sunday the 6th March at the annual exhibition organized by the Bhumi foundation.What I saw few individuals taking the lead in shaping the future of India. There selfless effort in educating the young children’s from different schools on various activities ranging from Modern art to Robotics.

It was even more fascinating to see young kids applying their thoughts on the real problems that the society is facing such as:

  • Automated Garbage collector that senses any human movement and opens the Garbage bin , with the idea of giving back a Chocolate if someone dumps the garbage.
  • Robot sweeper to clean the roads.
  • Sensor based solar panel to get the maximum out of Sunlight.
  • Robot to print anything on the floor.
  • Agriculture Robot completing the entire life cycle of farming.
  • Automated boom barrier sensor.

And so on….

Its not about what they built or about their skills being enhanced, its about their understanding of the current social issues.Someone understands that Garbage should not be thrown everywhere or there will be no human being for Agriculture in the near future.

It was indeed a time well spent with the Students.Thanks to My friend Deepa Ramachandran for inviting me for the Annual exhibition , I appreciate the work done by Deepa and the Bhumi  team  in making a positive impact to the society.

To get More information about Bhumi foundation and Yantra(Robotics) , please visit their website (


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